tire rim has a diameter of 15 in. What is the circumference of the tire rim? Use 3.14 for pi

Accepted Solution

The meaning of circumference is to find the distance around a circle or in other words the perimeter of the circle. The circumference of a circle can be calculate by using the formula C=2πr or C=πd.
In this exercise is given that diameter of a tire rim is 15 inches, and it is asked to find its circumference using 3.14 as the value of pi. In this problem the diameter of the circle is given, so in this case the formula C=πd would be used, where d represents the diameter.

[tex]C= \pi d[/tex]
[tex]C=(3.14)(15 in)[/tex]
[tex]C=47.1 in[/tex]

The circumference of the tire rim is 47.1 inches.